What can an Aggie PNM send in prior to formal recruitment?

We encourage PNMs to send in resumes including ACT or SAT scores, PNMs are also welcome to have letters of recommendation and letters of support submitted by alumna! 

What does Pi Beta Phi call a letter of recommendation?

Pi Phi calls letters of recommendation, RIFs.

Are RIFs required for membership?

A RIF is  not  required for membership in Pi Beta Phi.

What if I am unable to find someone to complete a RIF?

Headquarters can connect you with an alumnae club in your area that may be able to recommend you for membership. However, with changes pending at this summer’s convention, please know that some alumnae clubs may wait until July 1 to submit RIFs to chapters. Email a copy of your resume to  recruitment@pibetaphi.org  for assistance. 

Even if you are unable to find someone to complete a RIF, we urge PNMs to still send in a picture and a resume. 

When completing the online RIF, please be sure to include a picture of the Potential New Member as well as their resume. Any letters of support should be emailed to the Director of Membership Selection: txetarecruiter@gmail.com. If unable to submit recruitment forms online,

Send physical RIFs and Packets to:
Attn: Vice President Recruitment 
1601 Munson Avenue 
College Station, TX 77849

Have any more questions? Reach out to our Director of Membership Selection for any questions about recruitment forms! txetarecruiter@gmail.com